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Breen Attack Earth
Guardhouse III


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In this area properly classified Federation personnel can read abstracts on the following published and soon to be published general historical and tactical historic topics 


Incident 5786.9088.01.05NP: Breen attack on sector 001 targets, including Earth and Mars exposes weaknesses in our planetary defenses.


Incident 2893.098.8983.D5G87 : Incident at Guardhouse III that resulted in significant loss of civilian and tactical targets including the complete loss of the Nebula Class Cruiser Moscow (Mocba) and an entire colony.  This attack was eventually discoverd to be the work of the Clatadatha insectoid life form.

Access to all data contained herein requires a Level Four, Sigma 6B security clearance and a Need To Know authorization from Star Fleet Command.  Failure to follow this directive can result in severe fines and imprisonment


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