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OutPost 070

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OutPost Station 070 is a highly classified United Federation of Planets controlled-Star Fleet Command managed research & development facility located in a deep space sector of the Alpha Quadrant, and re-located on a random, highly classified computer generated strategic positioning system.  Manned by as few as eight  people (in critical situations), the highly automated site has accommodated as many as 2500 scientists, engineers, and other assorted Federation & Klingon  personnel along with  other regular extra specieal  visitors.  Access to all data contained herein requires a Level Four, Sigma 6B security clearance and a Need To Know authorization from Star Fleet Command.  Failure to follow this directive can result in severe fines and imprisonment.

New070.jpg (11231 bytes)The OutPost 070 Deep Space Facility is predominantly a product of the Planitia Utopia Shipyards, assembled section by section and it was dedicated in 2355, after three years of construction.

Based on the Khitomer Accords, the station is entirely under the authority of Star Fleet Command, however the station has  been supported, guarded and defended by forces of the Klingon Empire on a regular and often rotational basis with their Star-Fleet counterparts. 

During one of the late actions of the Dominion War, the OutPost was viscously attacked by several warships belonging to the Jem Hadar and the Breen.   Seriously damaged, and on the verge of a complete systems integrity failure, the facility miraculously survived, although this was at the cost of a Klingon Vorch'a class cruiser (the KDF Gehak'a Dor), including all of the estimated crew of 650 Klingon Warriors.  In addition Star Fleet's newly christened Akira class cruiser, the Alexander, received severe damage and casualties in excess of 100 officers and crew. 

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Since that time, the station has been relocated to a several new deep space locations, hundreds of light years from the location of the battle.  Numerous new modules, sensor palettes and other add-ons have been made part of the venerable old 070. 

The intensity of the Dominion assault is testament to the strategic and intelligence value of this lone Star Fleet Outpost. The work that continues to flourish here has tremendous strategic and intergalactic social/political  implications, and it's value is undisputed.  As the scientists, technicians and other staff members that regularly roam these halls, we never forget the sacrifice so many made to ensure the continuation of our unique and important work.  It is with those brave souls who sacrificed so much, including their own lives and the happiness of their loved ones in mind that we work so diligently and with such deep commitment, hoping to earn in some small way, the privilege of toiling for the good of all on such hallowed ground.   We remain eternally indebted to you and we salute you all...                                                                                                    



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                     The KDF Gehak'a Dor                                                 

The USS Alexander

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