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A preliminary overview of the Jem Hadar Dominion Cloned Soldier

We have seldom encountered a species that is so totally committed to the service of it's  masters.

One of the most formidable aspects of the Dominion War was the existence and utilization of the Founder's Genetically enhanced  and cloned soldiers, the Jem Hadar.   While they were and remain a ruthless enemy, bred to be a killing machine, on close examination one has to feel great pity for these men.  They are brought into existence and never experience the life nurturing experiences of parental or interpersonal affection, not to mention the concept of friends or even acquaintances.

Then further insult is added to injury through the intentional addition to a powerful synthetically synthesized narcotic that creates extremely difficult withdrawal within hours of the last dose.  Unlike most opiate foundation synthetic narcotics, the Jem Hadar soldier does not appear to develop a increasing dose tolerance as is seen with the traditional narcotics addiction.  In fact, it is quite clear that each Jem Hadar requires exactly the same daily dose of this unique opiate like effector substance, termed Ketracel White. 

It appears that the drug has a number of benefits for the masters of the Jem Hadar, the Founders.  It keeps them in subservient control, the Jem Hadar knowing that he is dependent on the good will of the Founders for his desperately needed daily dose of Ketracel White.  Further, it appears to allow the limited programming of neural engrams that subconsciously urge the soldier to do anything he can to support the goals of the Founders,  Numerous references of exchanged military credo have been reported by alien observation or exchanged-released Federation prisoners. Common among them is; "Obedience is Victory; Victory is Life", "I Live to serve the Founders" and other similar slogans.  However, these are more than mere slogans, the Jem Hadar have been bred to truly believe these credo reacting to them much like the typical religious fanatic.



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