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An abstract summary covering recent developments and theories

By Roland Kramer, pH.d., and Rogan Haaek, CDX Cardassian Science Academy

Kremin Temporal Shield in Use-absorbing quantum torpedoes


The Federation’s recent conflicts with the Borg, the various forces of the Dominion and the Son’a have clearly indicated a need for another form of shield technology with the potential to neutralize or minimize the damage caused by the unique weaponry of these recent threats. While the balance of power has been maintained temporarily through the cessation of hostilities with the Dominion and the lack of new incursions by the Borg, the fact remains that these advanced technologically adept civilizations are a serious threat to Federation interests and security.

Since the first contact with the Borg and their immediate attempted assimilation of Earth and the crushing defeat of Star Fleet’s armada at Wolf 359 there has been great interest in developing shielding technologies capable of providing superior protection against Borg weapons and other energy beams such as tractors. The capture and retrofitting of Borg based multi-phase shield technologies to key Star Fleet vessels has been a great improvement over previous technologies, which were essentially defenseless against Borg weapons. Still, these technologies only provide a limited degree of protection at best.

Kodas & Mollor; the renown Klingon particle weapons design team recently postulated the concept of combining multi-phase harmonic based shielding with a an ionic incremental pulse generator to provide an additional degree of phase variance that bordered on space/time shift. However, their laboratory tests indicated that the quantum threshold was not a base factor in the effectiveness of their prototype shield system. While the system proved extremely effective, it was highly inefficient in terms of power requirements; an issue that as not successfully resolved and resulted in the discontinuation of the project.

The Romulan type IID cloaking device, one of the earliest working systems, used a phase variance design that also created a near space/time effect, and recently released documents from the Romulan government tell of numerous attempts to develop some kind of shielding technology from this particular device. As is typical of Romulan documentation, there is a great deal of detail including several experiments that resulted in the death of numerous volunteers and prisoners forced into being experimental subjects. However, the same Theta radiation problem that prevented the operational use of the system IID in Romulan spacecraft also precluded the continued development of this technology for shielding purposes.

Temporal manipulation of recently received data from the still missing Intrepid Class Starship Voyager discloses the existence of a Delta Quadrant race called the Kremin. Studies of the Voyager data were fascinating simply in regards to the temporal weapon/device the Kremin had developed. However, one lesser discussed revelation of the Voyager data enhancement was the temporal shield technologies utilized by the Kremin vehicle.

This information and the very limited telemetry available due to the unstable time transition technology used to extrapolate the Kremin data from the Voyager transmission indicated that such a temporal shielding design might be feasible as a protective system against recent tactical threats possessing several weapons systems superior to those in the current Federation inventory. The key ingredient in the Kremin development appeared to be the addition of Chroniton radiation to the mix.

The information was transferred to OutPost Station 070 approximately 18 months ago.

Our first approach was to develop a theoretical basis for the system. From our telemetry, especially DG enhanced spectral analysis, it was clear that tachyon radiation is a key factor in the shield concept. It was also obvious that some other force was also involved in the highly contained space/time event that results when matter or energy strikes the Kremin defensive shielding. Until a vehicle the size of an Intrepid class system collided with the Kremin temporal ship, it appears typical Star Fleet weapons technologies had little or no impact on the Kremin craft’s structural integrity or tactical functionality.

As we developed the quantum equations and subspace algorithms that would make such a tachyon based system possible, we soon realized that we could combine some of the Borg Multi-Phasic shield technology to the temporal based chroniton based shield we were formulating. By combining the processor based multi-phase generator with the quantum matrix of a tachyon modulation stabilizer field, we were able to induce a powerful reflective/absorptive response around a solid pure tetratanium cube with a weight of approximately 1800 grams.

The chroniton enhanced field achieved optimum focus approximately 300 centimeters from the cube surface, equally distributed around the high density metallic cube. Most amazingly, we attained this level of shield, equivalent to a level 9 craft shielding elliptical force field in use on most major starships today, with barely 390 Megawatts tapped from a single EPS junction..

This ability to mold itself to the shape of the object within the field offers a variety of advantages over traditional shielding systems. We see a great deal of potential in using this technology for personal shielding, improving on the Borg system that has eluded replication to date. 070 Unit has just this week received clearance and authorization on our submitted project plan and project updates directly to Star Fleet command HQ.

Still, we remained concerned about the bio-medical effects of the technology on normal organic tissue, especially humanoid structural systems. To date our work with Chroniton   radiation on live  animal subjects has clearly identified a number of changes that may take place in the humanoid body on a cellular and sub-cellular level. This is one of the areas where a resolution is required to make this a possible addition to our field soldier’s defensive armament. Our additional clearance from Star Fleet will allow us to focus on this particularly difficult issue.

However, on large craft, it appears obvious that additional structural shielding with duranium alloys will prevent similar contamination to a large craft’s crew or passengers. We believe this was the basis of the Kremin craft’s internal shielding, although it may have been supplemented with proximal field dampening projected from within the craft itself.

Our bench test of the prototype system offered us with a number of exciting insights into both multi-phasic field generation and the use temporal device matrix technologies for a variety of applications in the military. In addition to the system’s potential for craft and site shielding, we also see potential applications in proximal threat identification, proximal device neutralization, and life signs identifications over long ranges (in excess of 75 kilometers).

This report is being written to explain in understandable terms the what makes this advanced technology function and why it’s potential is such an important development for Star Fleet and the Federation.

What happens when an energy or particle beam device hits the temporal based shielding we have described? Basically two things occur. The subspace dampener behind the shielding absorbs some of the energy, especially that encountered in mild to moderate power disruptive bursts. But the true effect of the system is to use the tachyon field generator to instantly scramble the signal into multiple temporal fields, effectively neutralizing the destructive force of the weapon. We know the energy moves into multiple time lines, but in power levels so low that they would be perceived as static if a humanoid was struck by one of the substrate beams directly. This is because the energy signature is equally divided among nearly one hundred million different quantum time lines. If not for the quantum variance pulse replicator effect of the chroniton feed the number of time lines used for the energy dispersal would theoretically have no limit.

A number of theories have been hypothesized about what the effects could be if such a phenomenon was allowed to happen. Semek of Vulcan even postulated a theory which espouses a potentially catastrophic end result to such an event. Semek even further postulates tat there could be potentially catastrophic effects in another timeline or in multiple timelines should an untoward event occurs that even appears to be mitigated in this time line. These risk factors are something that will be seriously considered as the 070 team continues to further refine these new technologies.

Despite the promising results of our laboratory work, there are a number of issues that are hampering our ability to develop a system that could go into production at any time in the very near future. Most notable is the problem of negative temporal shift neurological reactions which has appeared in some individuals when using a variety of technologies for making certain temporal effects more workable in real time scenarios. In one reported Federation incident, a device designed to allow humanoids from this time line to interact in a very limited fashion with objects and entities in another time line that was in fact just very slightly out of phase with this time line resulted in symptoms ranging from light-headedness to outright semi-psychotic reactions that would be generally categorized as paranoid or shizoid in nature.

When we looked into whether or not this technology could in fact produce similar results despite the difference in methodology behind the technology we were able to develop a number of indicators that showed we could see such reactions in relation to this shielding system. We continue to aggressively look into this issue and possible methods for resolving this disturbing side effect of such temporal devices.

Another problem that has arisen during our testing is the possible cumulative effect of tachyon radiation and the very slight amount of theta radiation released during the operation of the prototype system. However, we are very confident that this is one issue we can resolve in rather short order. In fact, Dr. Reegan of the 070 team has started developing a photonic seeding methodology that appears very promising in regards to controlling this radiation issue. Combined with the enhanced control and focus offered by the chroniton seeding, there have been extremely encouraging reports.  These will probably be published in this area of OutPost 070.

In summary, we have seen some very encouraging results in developing a hybrid shielding system that utilizes force fields with certain temporal and repellant/absorbent energy characteristics. While the physical size of the system currently limits it’s use on individual personnel systems, we see a prototype that can be retrofitted into a test bed vehicle, possibly a older Nebula class starship. Testing of such a system could take place within the year and a prototype for individual use should be completed within the next three years. This new technology could very well prove to be the one shielding methodology that will give us a great deal of additional time in our encounters with Federation enemies with substantive weapons technologies such as the Borg, the Son'a and the Dominion.

Access to all data contained herein requires a Level Four, Sigma 6B security clearance and a Need To Know authorization from Star Fleet Command.  Failure to follow this directive can result in severe fines and imprisonment