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Fleet Interface


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Moderate DF supportive ablative composite starship hull incandescing during emergency saucer section separation and atmospheric re-entry of a Galaxy class starship. (USS Enterprise NCC-1701D At Veridian II 2369-Developed at Outpost 070 Technology section 2359)

Space Craft Articles about Star Fleet and Federation Space Craft as well as special studies and reports on non-Star Fleet space craft and related technologies.

Weaponry Articles about current and projected weapons technologies, with a secondary focus on weapons technologies of  non-Star Fleet and non-aligned or offensive alien species.

Sensor & Intelligence related technologies Articles focusing on current and projected Federation sensor and intelligence gathering technologies, in addition to those of non-aligned and offensive alien species.

Other Technology Studies Articles about a variety of Federation and non-aligned/offensive alien technologies.

Access to all data contained herein requires a Level Four, Sigma 6B security clearance and a Need To Know authorization from Star Fleet Command.  Failure to follow this directive will  result in severe fines and imprisonment.


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