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Breen Attack Earth

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Breen attack forces Star Fleet and the UFP on Earth and other planets

Although they encountered heavy casualties and a tremendous loss of tactical and support vehicles, the Breen attack on Earth demonstrated a heretofore unrecognized  lack of key security systems in all attendant regions. The following is a list of key segments of the security grid that either failed or operated below expectation in the less than one hour event.

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13:44:28 OUTER RING DETECTION GRID INDICATES MINOR PARTIAL GRID FAILURE IN SEGMENTS 551.09 THROUGH 551.86 Initially, the personnel in the Aleph One command center assumed the diagnosis would be an EPS junction relay failure in one of the power distribution nodes that cover that part of the outer barrier to Earthís solar system.

13:46:06 PROXIMITY ALARMS AT PLUTO BASE 3 Pluto base reports that fifteen large craft of apparent Breen origin have just gone into orbit around Pluto and that their energy absorbing weapon has destroyed their shield grid. Moments later they report that heavily armed troops have beamed into their facilities and that they are taking massive casualties. Pluto defense systems manage to get off a few volleys before being rendered useless by the Breen energy absorbing weapon.

13: 47:54 PROXIMITY ALERT AT SATURN PERIMETER Several Fighter Squadrons of the Saturnine Flight range manage to launch and engage a fleet of approximately 25 large Canoe and Barge class Breen cruisers. Approximately 70% of them are destroyed within less than three minutes. Several Breen ships break off and attack the space stations surrounding Saturn and Jupiter. Heavy casualties ensue as they take down the space stations one by one, essentially destroying their Federation shields with their energy absorbing technology then decimating the facilities with a variety of beam weapons and torpedoes.


Breen_& Earth.jpg (9388 bytes)Mars Washington Primary Shipyards attacked, three nearly completed ships completely destroyed, over 500 casualties. Sensor grid shows bulk of Breen fleet moving to go into earth Orbit. Several Starships warp into the vicinity of Earth and engage the outer fringes of the Breen Fleet. One Nebula class cruiser (USS Palomar NCC-14901) destroyed within minutes. The other ships sustain heavy damage, but survive the incursion with several Breen kills to each of their credit.

14:02:02 BREEN SHIPS GO INTO EARTH ORBIT Forty-six Breen cruisers move into Earth Orbit with elliptical stuttered orbits in some case with an apex near the Earthís Moon. Several ships break off to play havoc with the tactical and civilian targets on the moon, although miraculously, there are less than 100 are killed, and about 500 injured.

14:03:00 MCKINLEY EARTH STATION REPORTS IT IS UNDER ATTACK BY BREEN VESSELS. Several Starships in space dock manage to warp away from the station moments before the Breen were in weapons range. The station's defenses do an admirable job of defending the station, along with it's own squadron of Runabouts.  However, the facility still receives a great deal of serious damage and several Runabouts are destroyed.  Over 300 star fleet officers and just under 500 civilian personnel are killed outright.   Hundreds more are wounded.  The station's medical facilities are overwhelmed.   In addition, one experimental attack cruiser under construction was seriously damaged and an Obereth class vessel if for rotational maintenance was destroyed before it could fully depart from space dock.

14:04:33 HUNDREDS OF SMALL AND MID SIZED STARFLEET VESSELS, ASSISTED BY A VISITING FLEET OF KLINGON WARSHIPS ENGAGE THE BREEN In addition, the satellite automated defensive systems initialize and begin firing a combination of quantum torpedoes and phaser fire at the Breen invaders. At least 15 kills are attributed to the automated systems alone.

14:09:23 BREEN SHIPS FIRE ON STAR FLEET HEADQUARTERS IN SAN FRANCISCO AND PARIS. SAN FRANCISCO HIGH ORBITAL SHIPYARD ATTACKED, ONE STARSHIP IN DOCK DESTROYED WITH LOSS OF SEVERAL HUNDRED. The attack lasts less than three minutes and significant damage is inflicted on the Star Fleet facilities as well as the loss of nearly 1000 officer, cadets and civilian employees. Nearby cities are rocked by explosions as the Breen ships retreat from the highly defended metropolitan areas. The death toll in the cities exceeds 5000.

14:12:45 BREEN SHIPS BEGIN RETREATING FROM EARTHíS VICINITY, KLINGON FLEET SHIPS AND SMALLER STAR FLEET VESSELS ATTACKING VISCOUSLY AS THEY TRY TO DEPART. Two Bírel class Bird of Prey KDF vessels destroyed, One Vorchía class cruiser heavily damaged. Klingons report 63 casualties after attack is over.

14:21:08 ADDITIONAL FEDERATION CRAFT AND ROMULAN WARBIRD ENGAGE BREEN AS THEY PASS THE PLUTO DEFENSE PERIMETER Romulans destroy three Breen craft before sustaining heavy damage and 14 dead. Literally hundreds of ships are flying around the Breen fleet like angry bees. Phaser and disrupter fire light up the dark night of space. One Breen cruiser goes down into

the gravitational well of Saturn and disappears into the gas giant with the flash of multi-deck explosions disappearing into the cloudy atmosphere.

14:28:30 LAST REMNANT OF BREEN FLEET LEAVES SECTOR 001 AND DISPERSES INTO HIGH WARP. TWO SHIPS WARP ENGINES FAIL TO INITIALIZE AND ARE CAPTURED BY STAR FLEET COMMAND. BREEN CREW AND SOLDIERS TAKEN PRISONER The Federation nets 180 Breen for 7,376 Federation lives lost and countless hours of construction in just under fifty minutes.

There is much to be said for the planetary defense system once it initialized and started doing itís multiple tasks. However, the Breen were able to neutralize a number of key warning systems and alert systems in our perimeter defenses. Had these system not failed or not responded so slowly, thousands of lives could have been saved. Each precious minute that was wasted cost us the lives of many fine individuals men, women and children.

The plan for the Outer Perimeter shield and force field system is being advanced rapidly though the collective efforts of experts at three facilities, The Daystrom Institute, OutPost 070 and the Klingon War Institute. To be composed of over 75,000 individual self replicating nodes, once completed the grid will not only detect incoming and outgoing vessels, it will provide a way to break them out of a warp field by energizing a portion of the grid with defensive shielding and strategically placed force fields that will force the ship to drop from warp on contact.

There was also an obvious lack of defenses for and Martian and Earth's major cities, resulting in thousands of civilian casualties and severely demoralizing the Federation citizens in those regions. The false sense of security that both Earth and Mars citizens felt for many decades has been shattered twice in one decade, after the attack by the Borg and now, the Breen. One huge distinction must be made however. The Borg did not manage to fire on any civilian targets, having been destroyed as it was approaching Earth orbit. The Borg cube did not attack any other Federation locations in the sector.

The Breen had a far more destructive psychological effect on the Federationís citizens as they watch hundreds of Star Fleet vessels destroyed and their own homes and families placed in the path of danger. While the cost to Star Fleet during the Borg incursion was much higher, the impact of this attack on the Federation will be just as costly if not more so in terms of morale and the drive to expense of maintaining this soon to be developed defense grid.

In addition, certain changes in Star Fleet assignment policy are taking place including the regular maintenance of at least three fully activated and armed Starships, Nebula class and higher at all times within sector 001, therefor within minutes of Earth orbit and or any intercept of any invading ships or ships. Furthermore, the Fleet is preparing to deploy numerous self replicating mine field and Star Fleet will now redirect all Earth vicinity traffic around the mined area. Although this will result in slightly longer times in pre-orbit hold patterns, the extra few minutes of inconvenience seems to be a minor trade off for the increased security for the Federationís central sector.

There will also be stepped up maintenance and patrolling of the key perimeter defense and warning systems until the new shielded grid system is completed in several years. In the meantime, the Federation has already begun installing a series of Tachyon Burst generators to detect any cloaked vessels as well, in light of the recent news that the Dominion is hard at work trying to develop a prototype cloaking device of ití own.

The Breen attack of 2372 will long be remembered. How it will be remembered is up to each and every member of the Federation, officers and civilians alike. Will it be seen as the start of the Federationís decline or will it be remembered at the wake up call that turned the tide in our favor?

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