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Quantum Devices

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A development of the Tactical Engineering Division of OutPost 070

Although the initial theoretical framework for the Quantum torpedo ZPE (Zero Point Energy) concept was in place at the time of the first encounter with the Borg, the new threat presented by the Borg caused Star Fleet to accelerate the research and development of the system which is currently deployed on numerous tactical Star Fleet vessels. Unlike the original photonic matter-antimatter based explosive device, previously the most powerful weapon aboard Star Fleet craft, the Quanta based system is entirely the result of the tactical engineering section of OutPost 070.  In addition, due to the base configuration of the system, OutPost 070 provided the perfect technological laboratory environment and  test range for exactly such a weapons system. 

ZPE technology takes advantage of the power emission qualities of enhanced micro-wormholes kept in total containment via plasma induced magnetic constrictors.  Once containment is disrupted, the resulting quantum release of energy due to the micro-wormholes self-implosive effect is on a scale up to 300% more effective than a matter-antimatter photon system of similar dimensions and power requirements. 

The prototypical matter-antimatter based photon torpedo uses it's antimatter/matter plasma supply to both propel the craft and to provide the fissionable material for the high explosive process.  Although ZPE is clearly capable of providing forward momentum and a sustainable warp field, this has only been feasible under laboratory conditions to date, so a complete redesign of the Quanta based weapons platform was called for as stated in Star Fleet specification 49857K-34L. 

What our engineers decided to focus on was making use of  the basic platform provided by the Class VIII and IX series of warp capable probes. Both series had highly efficient matter-antimatter warp sustainer systems that provided power and propulsion for a rack of multi-function instrument clusters.  The only disadvantage was the fact that both series probes were larger than the Star Fleet specification, specifically designed with the new Defiant class warship in mind.  Within three months our engineers had redesigned the platform, allowing the equivalent behavioral and technical characteristics of the original probes, with less than 2/3rds  of the original propulsion systems size and mass. 

From here, the ZPE warhead was placed within the new probe framework and shielded, the full explosive effect to be initiated by an overload of the matter-antimatter propulsion system. This has resulted in a first model Quantum torpedo that is slightly smaller and as maneuverable as the current Mark VI torpedo that is standard issue on must current Federation warships. 

Most quantum torpedo launchers are simple modifications of photon launchers. The first model introduced on the Defiant was a quantum version of the Pulse fire torpedo tube, which can fire an average of one torpedo per second. The Sovereign class introduced a quantum burst fire tube - a variant on the type 4 photon burst fire model capable of launching a dozen torpedoes simultaneously.

Also introduced on the Sovereign class is the rapid fire turret; this allows torpedoes to be fired directly at a target, rather than having to maneuver toward it after launch - a measure which cuts down the torpedo flight time against targets at short range. The Sovereign turret is capable of firing four torpedoes per second, a rate of fire higher than any other model of torpedo tube in service.



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